Thursday, February 10, 2011

Let him have it!

There is a realtionship website I subscribe to and today the problem was a woman resents her son in law. It seems her son in law cheated on her daughter and left their family. she's wondering how to cope with having to see him on a daily basis. I agree with the doctor that in front of the kids she should be civil, but i'd get that bastard alone. I'd confront him and tell him what he did was horrible. Don't let that sob get a free pass. I'm not saying to hold a grudge forever, but hold him ACCOUNTABLE. As you can probably already see, I do not forgive and forget easily, but people should be accountable for their actions. Let him have it! I've been married a long time, and I truly believe family is what's most important. Couples should try to work through their differences and not just escape to another world. have a great day all!

Monday, February 07, 2011

No access to YOUR blog?

I was scrolling through the blogs and came across a few that I was not allowed access to.

What the hell do they blog about that I can't see? Not worth reading anyway.
As a blogger, it's hard to find something to blog about.
I have to say Oprah now has her own channel and i'm sure she's very happy about it.
I think i've had wayyyyyyyy too much Oprah. I think Ellen is much more entertaining.

Sh** my dad says rocks!

I have to say............I love this show. I love how it started. I wish I was interesting enough to have a show written about my life. I do have funny things happen to me, but if you watched ME all day, you'd fall asleep.

William Shatner was the perfect person to play this role. Old, cranky and very old school. check him out!!!

May I say Betty White is pretty lucky an old broad like herself is in a sitcom and she doesn't have to worry about getting old.......the older she gets the funnier it is..........<>

I'm the Mom..........

Thanks to Sandi, for posting her comment about her daughter. It's true, you love them and then they grow up....My middle son is so disrespectful and I have told him so. It sounds like we both need a break. The best thing that can happen with my two older sons is that they move out. I love them, of course, but am tired of doing everything for them. I was watching housewives of Atlanta and there is a housewife just like me. I'm your parent, not your friend, one of the gals told her son. Hang in there......come back to my blog and leave comments any time you like. have a great evening!

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Happy Happy Joy Joy

A while back I read a book called the happiness project. It was really stupid. One woman's idea of how to make herself happier. Very few chapters applied to me. So, today I started thinking. I am a pretty depressed person. Very seldom do I have fun. So, I could you make grocery shopping fun? people watch? maybe. Nothing is more tedious than going to the grocery store. Well, I have to go again. blah. I'll get back to you on how much fun it was.

Runaway Mom

Have any of you ever felt like you just wanted to bolt and run away from your family? I have two grown sons and a pre teen and I tell you, lately, I feel so unaapreciated I feel like running. If you are in the same situation, please share your story. I could use a diversion. I would never run away, but I feel today that I understand why women would. You do everything for your family, including your grown children that still live with you. No one listens to you, your husband is oblivious and thinks the kids are o.k. Yes, things could be worse, but YOU want to be happy. For anyone that has ever run away from your family, right now at this moment, I can totally understand. Everyone, enjoy the superbowl and have a great day!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sloppy Redskins

I love to read articles that pop. After last nights Redskins game, the title this morning for an article was Sloppy Redskins lose to Baltimore. Let's get it together boys. I really really want to watch, but have only been a fair weather fan since John Riggins ( yes, I'm dating myself) I do enjoy watching football, but let's try to at least make the game interesting.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Bret Michaels to marry?

So, Bret Michaels is getting married. Good for him. WTH was Rock of Love all about? I would not think Bret would have any trouble getting dates, but obviously he wanted to speed things up a bit.

I would watch the show out of curiosity. Each week it seems like he was making out with about 7 or 8 different women. All of them were so desperate to be with a "rock star". Where are the winners now?

I suppose it's every single man's dream to have 25 women wanting to be with them. If anything, Bret is experienced and one might say, slightly used up.

I wish he and his "baby mama" lots of luck. It will take a lot for Bret to leave his playboy, make out sessions with multiple girls, rock of love persona behind. !

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Who cares about Tiger Woods?

It's been a long time since my last post--but I had to post about Tiger Woods. Does anyone care that he cheated on his wife? And of course, it may come out he has a "sex addiction". Yes, men, women, I was really horny and decided to go out and screw 4 or 5 men ( I lost count). Nevermind that I am married. I got so caught up in these affairs and I was so ashamed. Now, I realize I have a sex addiction. This is just too much. Get with it people. Tiger was horny. Obviously, he wasn't getting what he needed from home. He's not a good role model. end of story. Maybe he's hit his peak as far as being good at his golf game. Now, he's improving his sex life.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Rock of Love, err Desperation

When is someone going to say it? Brett Michaels should be ashamed of himself with his show " rock of Love". He can get trashy girls by going on tour, now he's on television. I have never seen such a display of desperation from women! " oh, I love Brett so much, I want to be with him" hmmmmmm. Brett actually said one woman loved him for who he was...........well, let's see. Brett, you are on a reality show looking for a girlfriend, supposedly. I think it's a big ruse to boost your over inflated- has- been ego. You should be ashamed of yourself. And by the way baby, no matter how young you want yourself to be--you are over the hill. I hope this show tanks. The women could do much better. Ladies? a great new show is Mad Men. I love that show. have a great day.